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Why Us

Marketing support.

The G1LN website, logo, members directory along with additional marketing information are available, to assist your own sales efforts. This will also demonstrate your global presence to your existing and prospective clients. As we at G1LN are YOUR partners & YOUR team.

Regular communication.

Our quarterly newsletter provides members with useful information on current developments in the business, and our updated member contact list is available in various formats for convenient access all over the world. Your G1LN team are always available to help, and our aim is to ensure you have clear and complete contact with us and your partners

Sourcing potential global partners.

> We make sourcing partners who compliment your business quicker, easier, more economical and potentially financially safer. By joining with us we can help to develop your interests with complimentary partners worldwide. We are able to make sure that our members are given the peace of mind at all times that they are dealing with professional, experienced and reliable partners that consistently meet the networks exacting standards

Annual conference.

Organized by G1LN the annual conference brings together your global partners. This helps to build and create mutual business and friendship, the strength of these partnerships grow and develop with face to face meeting each year. The Annual conference is also the place to ensure you have your say in future developments.

Proactive members only.

G1LN is also a member-built network. We welcome members ideas, listen to their challenges, and we come up with solutions and organize events to meet their needs. Everyone has a voice and the opportunity to take the network forward. Future developments depend on the commitment and foresight of our members. We are at your service.