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Network Rules








  1. The name of the organisation is GLOBAL ONE LOGISTICS NETWORK, herein after referred to as ‘G1LN’.

       2.  OBJECTIVES

The objectives of the G1LN are as follows:

a) To recruit and represent international freight companies which satisfy the criteria determined by the

Board of Directors;

b) To promote and develop business opportunities to the mutual benefit of the G1LN members and

protect their mutual interest;

c) To raise the status and advance the interest of the G1LN and its members,

d) To represent the views and interests of G1LN and its members;

e) To facilitate and engage in the provision of services and facilities to G1LN members;

f) To ensure that services and facilities are provided efficiently and effectively;

g) To raise funds for the administration of the G1LN  and the provision of services and facilities to


h) To use excess funds, if any, to further the above objectives;

i) Make representation to Government and International Organisations regarding legislation and

regulation affecting the interests of the G1LN members.



3.1 The G1LN  comprises each and every member who is on the G1LN  Membership List.

3.2 Members of the G1LN must be privately owned companies, partnerships or corporations, involved in the

freight forwarding industry.

3.3 Membership of the G1LN entitles each member to exclusive representation of the G1LN  within a country,

state or an assigned area in which the member is resident and conducts business.

3.4 Membership by a G1LN Member Company of other Exclusive representation networks will be permitted

for a different area or territory other than that held within the G1LN under the terms of their own

membership, but only on the grounds that there is no vacancy for that area within the G1LN  and

provided that is not seen as a covert attempt to damage or dilute the activities of a fellow G1LN member

3.5 If an owner or principal shareholder of a G1LN  member has a controlling or influential interest in

another Freight Company, which holds membership of another freight network, the Board, will at its

discretion determine if such membership represents an unacceptable conflict of interest. Such conflict

of interest may result in cancellation or temporary suspension of G1LN membership, or refusal to

accept an application from a potential member, should such information be disclosed prior to joining

but notwithstanding the exceptions outlined in 4.5 which will take precedence.

3.6 The Board of Directors reserve the right to re-define an area represented by an existing member if they

consider that realignment to be in the best interest of all the G1LN members as a whole. If the realignment

affects an area where a member already exists, this member will have the option for 1 (one) month to

apply for the new territory and then 3 (three) months to provide supporting documentation to the Board. In

any event the office must be open within 6 (six) months.

3.7 Members may only represent areas where the office is wholly owned or operated by them, and not just an

‘address’ for cargo handling.

3.8 G1LN members may not promote within the G1LN  (an) office(s), either as a G1LN member or not, either

wholly or partly owned or not, in any area where a G1LN member already exists.

3.9 Members of the G1LN must abide by all of the provisions of the current G1LN Charter and Code of Conduct

at all times.

3.10 Upon joining, members must commit to adapting the G1LN logo onto their stationary and promotional

material, within 6 months.

3.11 All new members must attend the AC within the first year of joining. Failure to do so may result in


3.12 All members must be able to offer and provide the full range of services demanded by other members

in both air and seafreight (unless specifically excluded at the time of joining).




4.1 Individual companies that meet the membership standards set forth in this Charter, may apply for

membership to the G1LN . A G1LN member may recommend the Applicant member(s) or they may apply

to the G1LN  Secretariat direct.


4.2 The G1LN Joining Procedures may be reviewed or modified at any time by the Board of Directors and

are accessible on the G1LN  website.




5.1 The Board of Directors, by its Secretariat, must keep a register of G1LN members in which is recorded the

name, contact address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, names of officers as well as the date

on which the G1LN member joined the G1LN .


  1. FEES

The following fees will be set by the Board of Directors:


6.1 The Application Fee is payable when the completed Initial Application Form is being sent to the G1LN

Head Office. This fee is non-refundable


6.2 Joining Fee

The Joining Fee is payable when the Applicant member has been accepted. The applicant will become a

full G1LN  Member upon receipt of the Joining Fee.


6.3 Annual Fee

An Annual Membership (or subscription) Fee, which covers one calendar year and which is payable by

each member on receipt of the respective invoice.


6.4 The Annual Fee may be increased at any time during the year if requested by the G1LN Board. The

increase must not be more than 10% once per year without being voted by the majority of members by an

electronic vote or at an AC.


6.5 The Board of Directors will handle the administration of these fees, by its Secretariat.


6.6 Non payment or late payment of the fees will result in an immediate cancellation of the membership, at the

discretion of the Board of Directors.


6.7 All payments must be made within the timescall given on the invoice. Late payment will be subject to a 10% charge.




7.1 A G1LN member shall cease to be a member of the G1LN  if:

a. the member gives notice of resignation in writing to the Board of Directors or

b. the member is expelled in accordance with this Charter.

c. The Board considers that the Member is not able to perform fully all the functions and operations

required to satisfy other G1LN members, or that they consider that the member has falsely claimed

the services, which they are unable to perform.




8.1 The G1LN may discipline a member at any time by:

a. expelling it, should the Directors consider it justified; or

b. warning that it may be expelled if it continues to act in contravention of the Charter, in accordance

with 8.1b.


8.2 The decision to discipline a member will be made by the G1LN Board or by vote at an AC. The member

will be advised in writing of the intention to be disciplined and will be asked to explain his conduct in a

certain period of time. The G1LN Board will consider any written documents provided by the member,

then decides by a simple majority of vote cast if expel the members or just warn it. Two warning will

causes automatically an expulsion. The decision of the BOD must be sent in writing by email, mail or



8.3 If a motion is proposed at a meeting of the Board of Directors by email vote, or at an AC of members for

the disciplining of a member, the Chairman of the meeting must first put a motion that the member be

called upon to explain its conduct to the Board of Directors.

The member will be provided with:

a. the reason(s) for the intention to discipline the member; and

the relevant member is entitled to present oral or written evidence or arguments to the Board of Directors

before a stipulated date, either in person or by mail, facsimile or email.


8.4 The Board of Directors can:

a. give the member the opportunity to defend itself; and

b. consider any written document presented by the member.


8.5 The Board of Directors may then, by an simple majority of votes cast, determine, whether to:

a. warn or discipline the member and/or expel the member from the G1LN.

b. refer the matter for decision by a special resolution at an AC.


8.6 The Board of Directors will thereafter advise the member of the decision in writing via mail, facsimile or



8.7 On expulsion of a member under these rules, all money paid to the G1LN by the expelled member remains

the property of G1LN.


8.8 Upon expulsion, the member will forfeit the right to use the G1LN logo and all other benefits and rights

attached to G1LN membership.




9.1 A General Meeting of G1LN members must be held every year and this meeting is to be called the Annual

Conference (AC).


9.2 The Board of Directors must decide the date and place as well as the duration of the AC.


9.3 The purpose of the AC is to:

a) discuss progress within and by the G1LN in achieving its objectives;

b) consider reports and recommendations from the Board of Directors and/or G1LN members and act

upon them where deemed necessary;


c) make or amend this Charter and/or Code of Conduct of the G1LN;

d) receive presentations from new members.


9.4 The Board of Directors must give notice of an AC to G1LN members by mail, facsimile or email, at least

three months before an AC is to be held.


9.5 Each G1LN member must nominate at least one representative at Executive level to attend every

Annual Conference ( AC ). A concession will be granted to miss 1 Conference only in any 3 year

period, as long as there are adequate and genuine reasons for non attendance, and that they are

acceptable to the G1LN BOD.(this excludes the first year after joining when attendance is compulsory )

This rule will be strictly enforced as attendance at Annual Meetings is considered to be one of the most

important aspects of active membership. Failure to comply may result in immediate expulsion at the

BOD discretion, and there will be no right of appeal.


9.6 The AC will be chaired by the Board of Directors, or in the event of his/her absence, by a

member, whom the Chairman has duly elected.



10.1 Voting procedures at AC’s:

a. All decisions on motions at the AC will be made by a simple majority of votes cast;

b. Irrespective of the number of representatives from a G1LN member company who attend an AC, each

member can only cast one vote;

c. In case the G1LN members' votes are equally divided on an issue, the Board of Directors may cast

one united vote to break the deadlock after the Board of Directors has reached a decision by simple

majority vote;

d. No proxy votes will be permitted at an AC;

e. A quorum of the Board of directors is 3 (including chairman). A quorum at an AC is 50% of the

members in attendance.

f. If a Board member is also the sole representative of his Company he may join in vote at AC and also

vote separately as a Director if a Board decision is required.




11.1 A special resolution is a resolution which has been:

a) proposed by a member or by the Board of Directors for consideration, of which notice was given to the

Board of Directors and to all members, in writing via mail, facsimile or email, at least 21 days before

the vote takes place and which specified that this resolution is a Special Resolution;

b) agreed to by at least 75% of the members.


11.2 The text of the Special Resolution must be circulated to each member.


11.3 On a Special Resolution each member is only entitled one vote.


11.4 A Special Board Meeting may be held if the Board of Directors deem it necessary.





12.1 The affairs of the G1LN may only be dissolved by passing of a Special Resolution at an AC of the G1LN.


  1. LAW


13.1 In case of any legal dispute, the Laws of England will apply.