Welcome to Global One Logistics Network


Q: How exclusive? How many members per country?

This is one member per city up to a maximum of 3 per country, but this will vary from country to country for example we may need more in the USA or China but only one in Cyprus, so one per city is our rule…


Q: Do I have to leave other networks that we may be in?

We will allow people to be in other networks; however we would ask that members support each other with reciprocal business where possible.


Q: How do I know I can trust the other members in the Network?

We are vetting all applications heavily unless they come as a nomination or recommendation from people who we know and trust. We will obtain other members input on applications.


Q: Is the annual conference compulsory?

Each G1LN member must nominate at least one representative at Executive level to attend every annual conference. A concession will be granted to miss 1 Conference only in any 3 year period. (This excludes the first year after joining when attendance is compulsory )

This rule will be strictly enforced as attendance at Annual Meetings is considered to be one of the most important aspects of active membership.


Q: What is G1LN offering that is different from the other networks?

Robert and Peter the founders still work in the industry as you have seen and they are very active in the market place, this is going to be a very current and forward thinking NETWORK not just a club for drink’s once a year like some networks….We have one very simple goal we don’t want to be the biggest Network in the world, just the best!


Q: What happens if a member is late paying an invoice?

The member who is late paying their invoice must be firstly reported to the Head Office prior to passing this information onto the Board of Directors. The debt must be over 30 days in compliance with the Rules of Membership.